In this chapter, Haris looks at the concept of rewriting texts. He asks himself two questions that he addresses in the chapter. He asks whether the metaphor of conversation is useful in describing the exchange observed. He is also concerned of whether the metaphor distorts or fails to describe a situation. In writing, Haris sources his ideas and evidence from the internet, books, papers and magazines. He is able to connect to his claims through use of real life examples, comparing work done by different people, citing other peoples work, comparing and contrasting the past and the present. In this chapter, Haris explores issues regarding borrowing other peoples ideas, creating a conversation, creating a more precisely addressed issue, writing on non-print media, combining different forwarding strategies.

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Haris generates ideas that help him to develop his discussion in this chapter. He is of the idea that academic writings are a way of conversing among intellectuals and it is intended to persuade a 3rd reader. He points out that the art of conversing join our need to articulate the differences among us with our need to keep on talking. He is of the opinion that, through forwarding a text one is able to test the strength of its insight and the range and flexibility of its phrasing. He also points out that the power of the internet has made it difficult for writers to have control of their texts since the act of forwarding makes the texts more of a public exchange.

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This chapter is very useful to a writer in that it improves the writers’ ability to create a conversation from an existing text rather than duplicating an existing idea during a research. The limits that come along with the writers’ approach is that the original idea in a text may get distorted, some writers may regard it as an act of plagiarism since it revolves round an existing idea. I believe that every idea has a room for improvement and in this case more can be done on Haris idea. No piece of information is unhelpful and through thorough research, a writers’ initial thinking can be opened up and be able to use a text research writing.