The post-9-11 government responses to most groups like the Muslims and the Arabs have greatly contributed to their discrimination. The acts include the government detaining all the U.S citizens and the immigrants of Islamic and Arabic descent. By the government detaining members of other countries in the state, it calls for public insecurity. It is common knowledge that, after the 9/11, the Muslims who are from the Arab nations were profiled similarly. It was not only the Arabs, but people from India and Pakistan was too profiled.

Discrimination against all middle Easter dark skinned people is also evident mounding them into a group of terrorists. This has brought about the issue of insecurity. Racial tension is even much higher than previously. The post-9-11 government response to the most wars in the Arabian countries has made the world have a negative approach to them. This is caused by the government declaring some Arabian states insecure to visit for some citizens of certain countries like the U.S (Pyne, 2003).

The mode of dressing is also an issue that governments have brought to public as subjection to the Arabs and Muslims. It has the western women to pick on Muslim women for their wearing of the hijab as oppression and referring them as property to their husbands and fathers. Muslims Have made Americans a less class fearful as they tend to assume that people are arrested and detained in the country. This becomes very dangerous since the Muslims could also find a way of revenge. Acts of discrimination should be abolished and, a good standard of relation between every religious group respected. Detainees should be detained back in their countries to avoid hatred amongst the concerned states and groups. These will ensure security and reduce prejudice of any nature thus promoting cooperation. Discrimination should also be a major concern to the government.