In any setting consisting of neighbors cohabiting together there are boundaries set up to limit each other and accord the desired privacy. It is in this case that walls are bound to be built with regard to physical erections as well as barriers to one’s secluded life. According to Robert Frost having barricades amongst neighbors does not necessarily mean a well-established relationship but then being formal for people living together does not provide a good living environment. In my own point of view an entrenched barricades mean that one is obliged to his or her own private life. Access to a person’s property should always be restricted to limited users since there might emerge problems in the end. Answers are sought to questions as the level of privacy neighbors require, the rapport and esteem that should exist among the neighbors. If at all the wall is wrecked the act of gathering to restore it may make progress in the kind of relationship that exists. Then if there are walls all over one wonders how people get used to that kind of life. As much as people require discretion there is also an aspect of harmonious living and having a friend to talk to. Since no man is an island, friends are crucial for confinement of certain crucial things but there is also an element of total disclosure of one’s personal problems and therefore a person is entangled within himself and any problems that may affect him. Some people are afraid of what others may do and how they can provide solutions to their problems.

If at any case friendship is allowed to go beyond the set limit then there is no telling what the damage may be at the end. It is always good for one to keep to himself and not to confide to other people on the glitches. The kind of friendship that should be allowed among neighbors is formal in that one should not be too into one’s manner of life to avoid misunderstandings in the future which may lead to even fights. In case there seems to be no mutual understanding between the neighbors then there is no point to have a friendship at. A person’s behavior and attitude (Barnet and Bedau) should also be considered when looking for a friend in that personal characteristics should be mutually combined to have a better empathetic view of each other. It is not likely that everybody in the whole neighborhood will like you but the impression created on people matters a lot. A good neighbor will always consider the effect of his actions on the other people living around and hence will not want to jeopardize his position whatsoever. And thus he may say” my apple trees will never get across and eat the cones under his pines I tell him”.

This means he is ready to respect his neighbor’s property and would not want to cause any harm either through his property or even thoughts. In order to get an insight of how people cohabit in an environment, I initiate a process of interviewing different individuals on how well to live surrounded by people with opinions different in life. It is always good to understand one’s sentiments and not to overlook them. When carrying out the interview distinct features display themselves about a good neighbor. For instance in my dialogue dated 18 June 2010, a one Mrs. John has a different opinion with the writer in that she says “My neighbor Gladys is a special friend in that even with the different cultural backgrounds, we understand each other perfectly and there has never been a moment when we disapproved one’s opinions”. It is evident that therefore even though there are barricades between neighbors at times it is hard to maintain them for the meager purpose of association and interaction this is seen in most cases with the ladies. A good neighbor is the one who respects others, does not make assumptions on any pressing matter and also considers differing opinions on strategic matters arising within.