Gender Facing Greater and More Daunting Challenges

Women face a lot of challenges in life and are considered the weaker sex. Despite this, in the society are said to be the backbone in that a society without them would be full of disorder and men would not be able to come up with ways of controlling things. Women make up about half the percentage of the working population in America and faced with the heavy task of taking care of the children back at home, they still have to work for longer hours making them hardly have time for their children.

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Gender discrimination has been observed in several ventures in society as I shall explain below:

When it comes to leadership despite women being the majority in the society, they are not able to vote in their own. Hence the saying that they are their own enemies, meaning that they are capable of  bringing change in the different forms of leadership but are highly influenced by the men to do what the men want because more often than not, they do not like being made inferior (Trei, par 7). Notable few countries in the world have female presidents and equally less female leaders in government; within those sectors where they rule, there is more progress as compared to the men’s.

It is sad that the woman’s place is in the home, in some countries this was the case until there were changes in opinion where women started working. Even still in a working environment there are doubts of their capabilities where they even earn less than men in the same positions who at time do less or poor quality jobs. The women at work have been discriminated against when it comes to issue on pregnancy in that they at times lose their jobs or get demoted. This happens mostly in the sectors of airhostess make women fear getting children in order for them to retain their jobs.

Even when they do, they do not get enough maternity leave to stay with their children in the first crucial months of their lives. For example in a situation where the woman is widowed in stead of being inherited as is seen with some of the African countries; they can work and fend for themselves and their children. It is in the same work places that they face sexual harassment by being made to have sexual relations in order to get a job at times due to desperation and lack of choice, they find themselves having no choice but to give in this is a situation that can be quite dangerous to the health and dignity of the woman.  At times they face the humiliation of having to endure such torment so long as they keep their jobs.

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There are people who see it more of a benefit to have men educated rather than women whom they say will eventually get married and leave the home while the sons will still have a place in the home. Women for a long time face little or almost no education subjecting them to so many problems such that they are not able to come up with stringent policies or immediate solutions for children who are ailing. Research has shown that many infant deaths can be prevented if the mothers have more educational background on simple first aid to their children. Women have fought for the longest while been able to prove that they are as good as the men in education and if given a chance can even be better case and point seen with the many successful learned scholars all round the world (Wolfe, Par 6).

When it comes to planning for the family, both partners should be given a chance to decide on the number of children that they can have. More so, the woman should be given a chance for this as they are the main care givers to the children and if in a career can find it difficult to have many children and a career.

To solve all this the women should have an equal opportunity as the men in decisions of every day life and it should be acknowledged that they too are human and need to have the best life has to offer. Education being Key to every person’s life should be given to all children irrespective of their sex. If we start from an early age to teach children that there is nothing wrong with being either sex we can eliminate all element of discrimination in the generations to come.

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