Fast food restaurants are some of the business establishments that are spread all across the world, they happen to do well in terms of growth and stability because of the available big market. However, fast food has been associated with lots of negative implications on the human body. Multitudes have come up to brain wash the uninformed, but what they do forget to highlight is that fast food industry has almost twice the benefits compared to the disadvantages. With so many reasons need to be considered before deciding to venture into the business, some of these do with analyzing the market and other business factors. For the factor at hand here, the government should not impose any regulations or formulate any policy aimed at controlling the fast food industry. The following are the reasons why the government should not regulate the fast food industry and the advantages of the fast food restaurants to majority of the American population.

SAVING OF TIME: When it comes to development of a nation, the contribution to the national revenue starts with an individual citizen, small business bigger business and then international companies. All of the players in this are the individual people and they rely on time to make their business establishments grow. When time comes for people to dine, a lot of time that can't be estimated in terms of income because of its infinite factor is lost and thus dragging the development of the state behind. Fast food restaurants however tend to be there to fix this problem by offering time friendly services that beat time, some of the examples how time is saved by opting to feed from a fast food restaurant are, you do not need to take time to the grocery store to purchase the requirements of your meal, you do not wait for the food to prepare as you would at home, to both the vendor and the consumer, no time is lost in clean up since these fast food restaurants serve their food on disposable type of utensils. ( Dir. Morgan ,2004)

FAIRLY LOW PRICE: Consider preparing a burger at home, the ingredients and the power consumption, you may not be good at cooking and the outcome may be terrible, so by purchasing the ready food from these fast food restaurants, you get it at a low price, the cost you'd have incurred in case you cooking had gone bad is transferred to the fast food management in that it's their doing and not yours. Considering the rest of the common restaurants, the recipes, the chefs and the establishments come at a very high cost and the burden of settling the incurred costs is transferred to the consumer. The foods in common restaurants are expensive and pocket unfriendly to the low or middle earners.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE: The fast food industry has been associated with most of the negative health issues like diabetes and obesity, this is so because it is believed to serve foods with lots of sugar and calories, as of today, that is but a myth, however, even if it was true, all the players in this industry need to know what they need and what they do not need in their bodies. Walking to a fast food restaurant and ordering whatever type of food is a personal decision and the consequence of such decisions should be felt by the decision maker. The fact that most of these foods are unhealthy is ridiculous in that; there have been introduction of low-fat meals, cereals and drinks that do not carry with them the basic elements considered harmful to the body.(Balko, 2009) The foods served at these restaurants do have nutritional value that we cannot fail to recognize. For babies there has been the introduction of low-fat milk thus addressing the rumour of fast food causes obesity and heat diseases and the likes of diabetes.   Fast food business can be considered a technological step in the kitchen tradition. With all the vast foods that are out there, fast foods have a way to rush against time and satisfying the consumer, while doing so, some of the existing methods of cooking and the recipes are reintroduced changes; this in general takes into account creativity and sharpening of skills.

EASE OF FINDING FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS: How many foreigners are there in the US alone? Guessing a few thousands or millions, do you think they have to rely on google maps to locate restaurants just because they are new in the country? I guess the answer is either yes or no but what does it take to find a fast food restaurant? Just look across the street and you'll see a Mac' Donald or a Wendies', is the problem solved? There was no problem in the first place so the strategic locations of these restaurants all over the country and cities make them easier to find hence reducing time consumption and the chance of getting lost in case of a foreigner trying to get something into his or her tummy. Enjoyable Food: Forget the health issues people try to force into our brains, fast food is enjoyable to all ages, it doesn't matter whose case we are on but there is general satisfaction when dealing with fast food with enjoyment in consideration. Imagine a top class house and boredom all through, then compare that with a general not so modern one with so much happiness, enjoyment and company from friends and strangers, put that scenario to the context and get the point that fast food is a general concept of good life.

REPAIRING WEIGHT LOSS: The world is a place where diseases are always attacking people. Some not terminal diseases have a tendency of leading to weight loss and thus rendering the body weak, for cases like that the service of fast food restaurant is across your apartment to repair the weight loss and strengthen the body back to its normal structure. However, for best results, the food needs to be accompanied by work out in the gym or at a fitness club. ( Gerald, 2009). Yielding Revenue and Providing Livelihood: When it comes to doing the math on fast food industry, analysts or researchers are out there to prove and point out the negative impacts of the business to economy. Going by data, US government spends $100 million a year on health care in dealing with obesity, diabetes and heart problems. When all is said, the question is, do the cause of all these diseases have to do with fast foods? The fast food industry draws revenue of $172 billion a year in US, if you compare $100 million to $172 billion you’d see that what is used in health care is 0.0172 of what is earned by the fast food industry. Surprises of life bring with them a number of challenges and some of these include unemployment to all ages, the fast food industry intervenes to give a good majority the chance to make a change in life. So however the mathematical results, it is clear indication that the researchers, the analysts, the government and the non-governmental organizations are looking at one side of the equation and that isn't good statistics.  ( ZincZenko, 2009)

CONCLUSION Having laid out my positive views on the fast food industry, it is not worthy for the government to regulate the industry, that would be a way to intimidate investors and business adherents. Ignoring to look at the positive side had led many people to thinking their health issues are caused by dieting. The government, if it must come in, it should deal with its citizens by offering information on healthy dieting and so on but not going after the businesses. So I move to oppose the motion ‘government should regulate the fast food industry’. It's all about the consumer to decide.