Develop at least one process evaluation measure and at least one outcome evaluation measure that you would suggest for the Consultation and Education Department at Greenby Community Mental Health Center to display the program’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Informative is one of the most favourable mechanisam that should be used by Consultation and Education Department at the Greenby Community Mental Health Center . Informative as a method of evaluation involves putting into judgement the essence of a program hence accessing its worth. It puts into focus all the activities that are affecting a given institution and evaluate them ctirically to come with a clear solution. Through this process, the program can by its self prove how of support it will be or how it will be worth to apply. It incorporates measurement of how the program is intending to fulfil a specific purpose and how the said objective will be achieved. The possibility of the program achieving the goal is also vital to consider and hence through the use of informative criteria in evaluation of programs, the organisation is able to come into a conclusive judgement about its progress and hence come up with solutons that wil help to solve the possibility of rise of underperformance.

An outcome evaluation measure involves the measure of effectiveness and efficiency of the agency. In this case, the ability of the center to render quality services to their mental health patients. The outcome of the organisation will be positive if the organisation is able to effectively deliver services. The utilisation of finaces will also dictate the outcome of the agency. The company is likely to go under if the outcome of all the activities are negative with the director not being in a position to offer solutions to the problems facing the organisation.

What are the scope and purpose of your process evaluation measure and outcome evaluation measure and how did they influence your design?

The scope and purpose of the proces evaluation measure is to asesses the problem facing the consulation and Education Department at the Greenby community mental health center Moreover, the scope targets to review the activities that are carried out by the organization. In this case, the entire workshops list is required to ensure that the process is carried out effectively.  Essentially, without a proper evaluation mechanism which gives an avenue into the requirement of the program, it would be futile as the implementation will be difficult. This will result into the outcomes being against the expectations of the agency. This would definitely affect the design as the scope target to carry out a workshop that will divulge factors that are leading to under performance of the health center in different departments. Thus the scope will influence the design which will target at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities of the Consultation and Education mental Health center. Ideally, the scope and purpose of the design will automatically influence the design. This is because. The design to be implemented by meets the objective and purpose of the research.

What issues and challenges may arise from evaluating the Greenby Community Mental Health Center?

Green by Community Mental Health Center, the Consultation and Education Department is facing several problems that are bound to make the agency go under. The main problem is that the agency is not able to get the required information about the efficiency and effectiveness of its programs. Most community mental health centers have not rose to the occasion of having the required number of staff and put their department in force. Thus most of their department are inactive enhance they are not able to deliver the required services and attend to the needs of the community especially those with mental illness. Instead of staffing and making their departments active, the agency has gone a step which makes it to experience problems. This is by using their professionalism according to the percentage of the activities that are done in the consultation and education center. This has generated problems especially with the efficacy of the staffs who regard themselves as professionals yet do not use their professionalism to work effectively and produce positive results.

Explain why an evaluation may be helpful to the Consultation and Education Department director’s situation.

The Consultation and Education Department is facing problems due to lack of a well developed process to evaluate and measure its activities. A process evaluation mechanism involves assessing all the activities of an agency with a sole purpose of determining the progress of the programs. Hence, the process aims at determining whether the laid down programs are operating within the set plans and the expectations of the organization. The failure to monitor the progress of such activities leads to fail. This is why the agency is facing the problems of finances due to lack of proper methods to monitor how the activities are faring and how they are affecting the organization whether positive or negative. The worthiness of a program can be determined. A program which is not able ton render the expectations of the organization cannot continue to be finance. Such a program should be scrapped or more research done to improve such a programs and hence enhance its effectiveness and efficiency. For a positive progress of a program, it will be highly be determined by the implementation method that will be employed. Thus a program must be implemented properly in accordance with the laid specifications.

Evaluation is critical for consultation and Education Department especially in the case of director’s current situation. Evaluation involves coming up with a proper methods to gauge the effectiveness of a program and finding an alternative. Due to the problem of efficiency and effectiveness that is facing the agency; the director being the overall in charge has no alternative built come up with a well informative method to evaluate the possibility of success of the activities of the organization. Effectiveness and efficiency comes into question when the services being delivered or not per the expectations of the agency. The agency has been faced with challenge of staffing and the department with the mental health center which has been on question.

On the part of director, evaluation of all the activities cannot be neglected. For example in the C and F departments which runs programs which are deemed vital has been faced with the problems of funding. The director main concern is the provision of services in these departments not putting into emphasis the quality of services being offered. Some of the programs are not supporting g other programs. Therefore when a thorough evaluation is embraced, such programs will be upgraded or done away with. Although some programs in the center are self supporting as they able to attract some money, it is impossible for such a single programs to stand alone while others are running to the drain. It may pull its capital which might not be the case with other programs. The result is that all other programs will fail making the entire center to collapse.

For a mental health, preventive programs should be given priority. However, the director gives priority to the programs that are aiming at rehabilitating the alcohol and drug users. Indeed evaluation will help the center to come up with programs which will help people to identify their own problems and hence seek assistance something that will be easy. Evaluation will enable the director to devise competitive strategies that he or she is likely to employ to make the organization finance its activities and hence remain in market. Moreover, the success of an agency will highly depend on the services of the staff whether they work according to their professionalism or not. In this case, Consultation and Education Mental health Center to succeed, it must apply all the tactics to ensure all its centers which are assigned with different activities are able to meet their expectations successfully.