Equality and diversity is a term that is used to explain and advocate for equity, human rights and diversity as the values that define the society. It enhances equality and creates opportunity for all, allowing them to achieve their potential and capability. The main objective of having such rules and regulations is to eliminate unlawful discrimination, to promote equality of opportunities and to promote good relationships among people of different races. The rules and regulations in UK stipulate that public authorities must promote equality in all that they do. In addition, they must ensure that the code of practice as it pertains racial equality when it comes to employment. The Equal Opportunities Commission code of practice on sex discrimination ensures that opportunities, implemented policies and procedures are equal to all people. With this in mind, attention must be paid to the following requirements of the race disability equality duty; ensure there is elimination of unlawful discrimination, to ensure that the disabled people are not harassed at all, it also has to promote and provide equal opportunities to both the other people and the disabled people, taking time to take learn the disabilities of the disabled people, it also encourages positive attitudes to the disabled people.

When it comes to gender equality, some of the duties that must be looked at are; the elimination of unlawful sex discrimination, elimination of unlawful harassment and to ensure promotion of equality of opportunities between women and men. When it comes to equality and diversity, age plays a crucial role. It thus go without say that it is not right for age to be a reason to be unfavorably treated in any working place or even in the vocational training institutions unless there is a genuine reason for doing so. Religion and belief is said to be ones religious belief. The religious background or belief that a person has should not at all costs interfere with a person’s right to be treated well at the work place, school or any other public service like the hospitals. Disability is another thing that may make some people to discriminate others.

People with disabilities have their own rights that protect them against discrimination and as such both the service providers and employers must make necessary plans so as to cater for the needs of the disabled people (Ozbilgin, 2008) le . Men, women and transgender people should be treated equally no matter their sex orientation or whether they are married or not. Race is another area where people are discriminated against which should not be the case. Where one was born or where their parents come from, or their skin color should not be a reason to treat others unfairly. The sexual orientation of a person should be respected. If a person is bisexual or lesbian or gay should not place them at a point where they cannot be treated equally. Even the law itself protects the citizens against discrimination in the workplace.

Sexual orientation Whether one is straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual should not put them at a disadvantage. The law protects the citizen against discrimination in the workplace, including harassment, on grounds of sexual orientation.

5. Describe how equality and diversity is monitored within your chosen place of work / learning Equality and diversity in this institution is monitored in this institution by each and every individual. This is because; there are strict rules and regulations that have been put in place to regulate this behavior. For instance, there is a machine that has been put in place in that when a customer or visitor is served, he or she can give feedback directly on the machine that goes into the system for evaluation at the end of the day. Those who are found to have treated their customers or visitors badly or poorly are penalized accordingly. In addition, the organization has come up with monitoring forms that are used to evaluate the employees and the employers in general

6. Prepare a short report on how your chosen place of work / study promotes (communicates) policies and practices for equality and diversity to employees and external stakeholders (such as customers and the community). Provide specific examples. The firm values all the necessary requirements concerning the equality and diversity of its personnel’s at all levels within the organization. The act of promoting all the policies and practices in the entire process of recruiting, offering of goods and services, handling of both the customers and the suppliers equally regardless of any favors that my be in form of sex, gender, religion or beliefs. All the involved parties in the organization are subjected to the same legislation terms in relation to all the codes of ethics governing the firm. The differences in the cultural diversities of the entire work force load are greatly appreciated by the entire management structure. The managers of various departments within the organization ensure the staffs and other outsider elated parties access the relevant operation policies, practices and procedures within the functioning unit of the organization. Employees are given equal opportunities and have prior knowledge of breaking any of the set policies.

7. Describe the organization’s punishments or sanctions for any breech in the policies / codes of practice / guidelines where equality and diversity are concerned Any employee in the firm that is subject to any misconduct in regards to guidelines governing the firms is liable to sanctions from the firm’s disciplinary committee. If the individual is found to have broken any guideline he or she can be suspended.  Suspension may restrict the individual from having contact with certain individuals in the firm, restrict entrance to the managed premises for some duration or fire the individual for good and restrict them permanently from handling the firm’s businesses.

8. Describe why the creation and maintenance of an environment that promotes and ensures equality and diversity is desirable.  Describe the advantages for the organization and provide examples. A favorable working environment for any firm is inevitable for the firm to post desirable results. The firm’s management should make sure that the staff and the employees work to their full potential without major disruptions. Firm’s upholding equality and diversity are advantaged in that the staff has a variety of choices on how they can improve the firm in that all of them have an equal access to promotions, training and the firm’s resources (Equality and Diversity in Education, 1950). The staff also works to its maximum potential in that they receive the required assistance to cater for their abilities and disabilities. With every firm’s employee upholding equality and diversity ethics, the clients visiting the firm will be treated to quality services to suite their needs in that the firm does not restrict the service users from having access to data about the firm. Upholding equality and diversity will help the firm take note of the strengths and differences of the firm’s staff thus flexibility in responding to different needs of the employees and clients, employee motivation through unbiased promotions and client’s satisfaction through equally dividing resources among to cater for the clients