Human resources management is very important in any company. In Coca Cola Company the future of its performance depends upon the development of human resources. The company is created by people but not technology. It is the largest beverage company in the world with employees from different parts of the world. Coca Cola Company is of late providing over five hundred brands in more than two hundred nations in the world. As an international company, Coca Cola Company usually finds it hard in developing policies and procedures that pertains human resources management. The focus of this paper is therefore to describe the laws and ethical codes relating to human resources management that are being violated by Coca Cola Company (Black, 2009).

One of the law and ethical code that is being violated in Coca Cola Company is the professional and personal conduct of the manager. Human resources managers need to make decisions daily on matters pertaining employees against the policies and procedures of an organization. The personal and professional conduct of a manager is very important when making these kinds of decisions. In coca cola Company, human resources managers are violating their professional and personal conduct, for instance, they usually fire employees without considering applicable laws, standards of ethical behavior in an organization and opinions of persons (Bohlander & Snell, 2009). High standards of professional and personal conduct of managers is very important since by having high standards of professional and personal conduct, employees who are underperforming in certain sector are able to be considered for other possible alternatives that can improve the organization’s performance. The violation of professional and personal conduct by managers can result into loosing of human resources that are very effective in other areas (Jackson & Mathis, 2007). Upholding of laws and regulations that relates to activities of the organization is also being violated in Coca Cola Company.  Human resource is usually conscience of an organization. It is the duty of human resources manager to understand every laws and regulations that concerns hiring, training, compensation and disciplining employees.

As a way of maintaining loyalty to the organization, human resources manager should comply and stick to every federally and state-mandated laws that concerns handling of workers, thus improving performance of the organization. Violation of this law can result into hiring of incompetent employee. For instance, in coca cola Company, human resource managers are violating laws pertaining hiring of employees. Most employees who have been employed are very close friends or relatives of human resources manager. This therefore resulted into hiring of incompetent employees and thus affecting the organization’s performance negatively (Sims, 2007).


Coca Cola Company is the largest international beverage company that provides over five hundred brands of non alcoholic drinks to many nations in the world. In this company, several laws and ethical codes that relates to human resources management are being violated. The professional and personal conduct is being violated by human resources managers. Human resources managers are also violating the upholding of laws and regulations that relates to company’s activities.