I would like to take this opportunity to the record set straight. It is not the company policy to have its clients get a misconception about the conduct and any operations of its employees that is brought about by any concept including the dress code. Also It should be clear to each and every employee of this organization that the organization has no ill motive when it determines that the employees should dress in a particular manner. We do not intend to show the amount that an employee earns and we strongly dispute that allegation. Recently, we had issues concerning the code of dressing by the employees of location three as they are different from those of locations one and two and one patient bitterly protested the dress code. After wide consultations, right from the patient  to other parties and having approached this matter with an open mind  we have come to a bold conclusion that with immediate effect we have changed the dress code of Location three of Kyosha Valley and all the locations will wear the same attire to show uniformity and to shun away from the element of suspicion that might come up in future from our dear patients.

They will all wear scrubs for all the employees to show uniformity. It is common knowledge in this organization that the janitorial crew do the cleaning of the waiting rooms and bathrooms twice a weeks. Consequently, it is common knowledge to every employee that those areas are not used twice a week and that therefore calls for the place to be cleaned regularly. I would request the employees to show some commitment, diligence and team work by being able to do the cleaning of these areas  in between the days when the Janitorial crew are not there. This will keep our image as an organization good in the outside world and in addition the patients will prefer our organization to others due to our prevailing cleanliness.  I urge all of us to show collective responsibility in our beloved organization. Let us not keep our clients at bay. It has been clear since the beginning of this organization that any complaint by the staff should be addressed to the immediate boss and that has not changed and just to stress on that it applies to everyone who is an employee. This is so because it might create a sense of being ignored if critical information reaches the top management before it passes through to some legitimate channels it ought to have passed through.

This will apply to the patients in that without any discrimination of whether English is their first language or not, the nurses should openly listen to the patients and deliver the information to the relevant authority to act on it and in this case to the doctor. Listening to a patients creates confidence in him and can help the organization where the information he is delivering is vital to the going concern of the our organization. Whenever a patient does not have English as his or her first language, the employee should himself notify the doctor and we have put an alternative for a translator to be brought immediately. This is not only because we want this client to not only come back in the future but also we want to save a life. We as an organization have also put forward appropriate measures to handle cases where the patients have problems like impaired hearing, sight or any other physical problem. It is therefore the responsibility of the nurse and other employees to identify these problems early enough and let the organization act on the problems without wasting time for better service is our pride in this organization. As an organization whose mission is service for all equally, we know that the changes explained above  will be followed to the latter and the top management calls all employees to act as per the organizations code of conduct and our professional ethics.