After recommendation of previous business with our company, on your excellent services and low budget accommodation, which we greatly appreciated, we would like to stress our dissatisfaction at our last stay during our conference in Montreal. We strongly believe that hotel Excelsior is one of the most customer service orientated property in hospitality business. Yet a recent episode at your hotel has made me question our loyalty. On June 14th, our administrative assistant made a reservation for two of our employees and me. The reserved package included an assurance of discount weekend rate and breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the Atrium. When we received our company credit statement, we were charged for champagne buffet breakfasts costing $81 per person. As I can recall, the buffet had not been set up by the time we had our breakfast so we ordered a la carte meal for which we were billed $25 each.

Looking back at this event I remember that other guests on our floor were having a continental breakfast in lounge and possibly that is where the breakfast for weekend rate customers was functioned. Unfortunately, our administrative assistant had specifically asked about this matter when she made the reservation, and she was told that we could order breakfast from the restaurant menu.

Kindly find the attached copy of disputed credit statement from your company as I anticipate your timely response with corrected invoice. We hope this problem will be corrected as quickly as possible. We enjoyed staying at your hotel for a number of reasons. We would hate having positive feelings about your hotel ruined by one visit.