Burns was once married to Nancy, but they suddenly broke up. Now, Burns has become a pessimistic man and he’s writing a poem to his lost love. Burns says that his heart is full of painful, sudden and final separation. This is noted from exceptional rhyme in the first verse line one and two “We sever and for ever”. However, kiss is defined as ‘fond’, and this means that their separation is just a platonic. The consonant ‘f’ is outstanding throughput the poem. This is an excellent consonant to relish a vowel with; farewell, fond, fare-thee-weel, fortune, fancy, first, fairest etc. Burns is totally convinced that there is no hope for him at all and no star twinkling in the darkness. Consequently, he wishes Nancy a blessing life, which is full of peace, love, enjoyment and pleasure. Burns's use of the song to articulate his anguish at the inevitability of the pair's liaison is both emotive and dramatic. 'Ae Fond Kiss' conveys heartfelt, prevailing notions of love, and yet logic of deep desolation and despondency is ever at hand. Ae Fond Kiss is one of the greatest poems of love that have ever being written by authors in response to loss and heartbreak.