Snack Daddy, Misha’s nickname, ought to have originated from his love for snacks. This is shown by the means through which he received kebabs from Timofey, and how he started to enjoy them immediately. A conclusion be therefore made that Misha’ overweight is due to his love of snacks in addition to the luxurious life that he is leading. A clear description is given by the author to the reader portraying a picture of a man whose arrogance and love for dishes contributes to his dislike by people. Almost certainly, this is one means through which he forgets his predicaments in life; hence people should not judge him.

Losing his dad at a time when he wanted to travel back to the United States might have meant devastation for him. His appetite seems something that has been a longtime betrayer for to his weight. Imagining his weight plus the way he arrogantly deals with people gives one a notion of one such man whose life is not well cultured. Despite his struggles with the loss of his dad after being accused of killing a businessman, he still gets a position in high authority that makes him earn more and protects himself from war. However, all this seems unhelpful because he is not finding it easy to control himself from being obesity.

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The whole Vainberg household was prohibited from reentering United States following assassination of a businessman by Misha’s dad. This posed a negative challenge on Misha who had wished to obtain a return visa to the United States. These circumstances forced him to stay in his native land but against his intentions of getting back to his love Rouenna- a lady he met in a bar in New York City. Misha obtained a fake passport that permitted him to enter into Belgium and settled in Absurdsvant- a factious nation on the Caspian Sea bordering Iran.

When he arrived to get his passport, he got himself in the middle of war, which had erupted in an ex-Soviet Union country, a country with good oil reserves, and a breed of global advancement, free trade market economy, and high-class hotels called Hyatt. Misha now has to find a way of protecting himself against the dangers of war. His only option might be to flee to a safe paradise, which is hard to find. For this reason, he tries his lack on getting a passport, a quest that he fails in several times.

Misha’s love for food cannot be separated from his buggy size and the weight comparable to that of an elephant. The understanding given, I fell down on a … “chair and bent to sniff the kebabs” (Gary, 60) when Timofey gave him kebabs is a proof of this. It seems that this is also an individual who loves himself. It is probably a wonder that the author Absurdistan is trying to argue the case on whether he does love others. The official position in state leadership is a rank big enough to double his proud attitude. He might have had much when studying in the United State but this time his pride is at a climax.

He is snaky, women monger and a promiscuous fellow who needs help. You wonder how he managers to be in a position of leadership especially that influential one. He eats without shame. He is possibly struggling with high-appetite problems. He needs to check himself to fitness and weight loss solutions. What is amazing is that he loves hotels and bars. Drinks are his major companion when women are absent.

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Arrogance and pride are major spoilers to a person’s good relationship with friends and relatives as well as with himself. It is possible that when a man is proud, he will not be able to appreciate others. His life expectation is to see others behave and do things his way. A proud individual makes his life the center where he expects to meet all other people. With this kind of lifestyle, one is sure that a number of problems follow suit. Although you can be living an opulent lifestyle, have everything you need, hold a state position and be part of major decision making, but very little respect come your way. You will be faced with challenges that culminate from a record of lost friends, a future that looks bright but get spoilt a long the way, and many more. Misha Borisovich Vainberg typifies a man whose proud heart, as well as collapsed love life, forms his predicament.

His selfishness is more notable, “feeling my mouth with both crisps burnt ages and the smooth mealy interior.” Does he do this to forget the memories of his papa whom he loved? His predicaments being many are a contribution of his way of life. He has undergone a change of attitude to life. He trembles in his body when he recalls his family who are no more.

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Misha Veinberg’s weaknesses with obesity (to much eating) and women will lead him in problems it has not been possible for him learn how to he keeps off the habits. His training at Accidental College only did much to teach him English considering his Russian origin. However, love for women is seen when he remembers his American bar friend whom he habitually loved. It is safely possibly to capture an assumption that Misha is a womanize, the reason for his love to be a round women  and that he does drugs as he struggles to think of how these habits can reach a halt.

Misha also shares very negative attitudes towards the Jewish people. He dislikes their God and wants nothing to do with their culture. However, he does not know what to do about it. He most probably will fail to interact with them.